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Supported cryptocurrencies

HASHWallet natively supports all the major cryptocurrencies and any ERC-20 token. Find all your digital assets in this list of coins and tokens.

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Bitcoin Supported

Bitcoin is the first peer-to-peer decentralized blockchain network supporting a cryptocurrency (BTC) that facilitates instant and global payments. Based on open-source software, Bitcoin’s goal is to be an independent network ruled by no one and verifiable by all.


Litecoin Supported

Litecoin (LTC) is a peer-to-peer currency that enables instant and low-cost global payments. This open-source network features fast transactions confirmation. Their teams work to implement the ongoing technical evolutions of Bitcoin.


Ethereum Supported

Ethereum is an open-source decentralised platform that allows the creation of Smart Contracts and DApps. The Ethereum programs are stored in the public blockchain. Its specific cryptographic token is Ether (ETH).


Bitcoin Cash Supported

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the earliest and most successful hard forks of the original Bitcoin.


Stellar Lumen Supported

Stellar Lumens is a cryptocurrency and platform. Stellar Lumens, an open-source network that is established jointly and allows payments, has an infrastructure that also allows use among financial institutions.


Dogecoin In study

Dogecoin, which is a cryptocurrency, is a fork of Litecoin. It has been utilized mainly as a tipping system to reward quality content creation or sharing on Reddit and Twitter.

In study

Ripple In study

Ripple is a payment network system and a cryptocurrency (XRP). Unlike many other cryptocurrencies, Ripple is centralized. Although transactions are on a blockchain system, all books are managed by the company. XRP is a token used to represent the transfer of value through RippleNet. Its primary purpose is to be a mediator in currency exchange – for both cryptocurrency and fiat.

In study

Cardano In study

Cardano is a cryptocurrency and a smart contract platform that focuses on security via a layered architecture. It is the first blockchain project created from the philosophy of science and founded on academic studies.

In study

Tron In study

Tron is a decentralized cryptocurrency originating in Singapore. Tron, which is based on blockchain technology, is established for the entertainment industry.

In study

Digibyte In study

Digibyte is a UTXO-based cryptocurrency that makes it more secure. The project focuses on decentralization, security, and speed.

In study

Cosmos In study

Cosmos is a cryptocurrency that is developed in partnership with Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) and California startup Tendermint, aiming to be the basis of next-generation internet technology. It can also be described as an independent ecosystem for blockchains.

In study

NEM In study

NEM is a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform. Instead of mining, harvesting system is used to produce coin and maintain the blockchain integrity of NEM.

In study

Ravencoin In study

Ravencoin, a cryptocurrency, is developed with an open-source hard fork of the original Bitcoin code to efficiently transfer physical assets between parties. As an alternative to Bitcoin or ERC20 transfer protocols, it was designed with this particular use case in mind.

In study

Algorand In study

Algorand is a cryptocurrency that aims to eliminate technical barriers such as decentralization, scalability and security that have prevented the adoption of mainstream blockchain for years. Algorand’s consensus mechanism is based on pure proof of stake.

In study

Monacoin In study

Monacoin is a cryptocurrency and a platform that allows all users to transfer money across all countries. It is the first cryptocurrency of Japan.

In study

v.systems In study

V.system is the cryptocurrency of a blockchain database cloud project that aims to create a secure infrastructure platform for the blockchain database. The platform offers decentralized cloud database technology to run complex decentralized applications and support the effective running of trillions of Blockchains with high scalability, durability and performance.

In study

IOST In study

IOST coin is a new generation blockchain designed to provide an infrastructure for online service providers. A horizontally scalable technology is used in the project.

In study

HyperCash In study

HyperCash is a platform designed to facilitate the exchange of information between networks using and without Blockchain technology. HCASH (HC), the cryptocurrency of the Hyper Cash platform, is described as a decentralized and open-source cryptocurrency.

In study

Siacoin In study

Sia is a cloud storage platform. What sets Sia apart from others is that it’s an open-source, blockchain-based, decentralized cloud storage platform. In short, Sia is a decentralized cloud where data is stored in the blockchain. The currency used in the platform is Siacoin.

In study

Nervos In study

The Nervos Network is an open-source, public blockchain ecosystem looking to combine the security of Proof-of-Work with smart contract functionality. The project aims to solve the problems facing most layer-1 blockchains by providing a token issuance smart contract platform that does not become increasingly expensive for network participants to run a node.

In study

Klaytn Currently not supported

Klaytn is a cryptocurrency and a platform developed in South Korea. It includes the best features of both public blockchain and private blockchain such as decentralized data and control, distributed management, low latency, high scalability.

Currently not supported
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