Features overview

When it comes to getting maximum security for the storage of your crypto-assets, hardware wallets are the most reliable option. HASHWallet provides a truly safe environment to store cryptocurrencies with private secured keys and to perform end to end transactions without any possibility of fraud.
Discover the key features that make it a unique device, designed for those who look for a state-of-the-art security level.

HASHWallet non-programmable hardwallet

Non programmable device

HASHWallet complies with the “What You See IS What You Sign” (WYSIWYS) philosophy; the cardholder only sign what he sees through its large screen of electronic ink. Being a non-programmable device, no external agents can be involved in the transactions.

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HASHWallet Secure Recovery system

Recovery process

Forget about endless lists of random words in a piece of paper. The smart card incorporates a new system that regenerates public and private keys based on a combination of two secure elements.

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HASHWallet Fingerprint Biometric Security

Biometric security

The fingerprint reader built-in to the smart card is another key security tool of HASHWallet. It allows the signature of transactions from biometric authentication. User can verify his identity in a reliable and fast way through his unique biological data. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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