The theft of crypto actives is an everyday event. We are less and less surprised by the constant news about attacks and hacking into exchanges and cryptocurrency wallets worth millions of dollars. In this scenario, users need to equip themselves with better security tools to safeguard their assets.

HASHWallet is a cryptocurrency smart card that offers a higher level of security than other hardware wallets on the market, based on a series of technical features and advantages that make it unique.

As a non-programmable device, it is designed to create a totally secure space to sign transactions and to safeguard the user’s keys.

The card stores the private key without anyone knowing it, not even the user. This key cannot be accessed from the outside in any way. Therefore, the card is invulnerable and can not suffer external attacks.

The Public/Private keys are generated on the card itself, in a random procedure that is impossible to replicate and without the intervention of external seeds.

The card includes a large screen of electronic ink, which allows the verification and validation of the transactions in detail. In this way, HASHWallet complies with the “What You See IS What You Sign” (WYSIWYS) philosophy; users only sign what they see, and avoid the malicious attack known as “Man in The Middle” since no external devices are involved in the transactions.

The fingerprint reader built-in to the card is another of its security tools, as it allows the signature of transactions from a biometric signal.

HASHWallet supports the major cryptocurrencies on the market, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or Tether, and also any ERC-20 token.