Start an operation

To perform an operation, we simply enter all the data through the mobile app. In this first step, we have full control over the data. But this information can be corrupted afterwards if we don’t take necessary security measures or count on the appropriate device.

Programmable hard wallets are NOT safe

The app sends the transaction to the hard wallet, and we trust that it won’t be altered. But in fact, programmable devices (like most common hardware wallets) are not totally secure as they are vulnerable to possible interference.

Beware of Man in the Middle

The “Man in the Middle” attack consists of the presence of a hidden intermediate element between the victim and the source to manipulate communication, without anyone noticing that a third party is involved. If the hardware wallet is programmable, there are chances to change the data on the fly, and the operation may be compromised.

Block any attempt of hack

This attack can’t happen in HASHWallet. The smart card screen provides every detail of the operation before validating it. If the transaction has been altered in any way, the user will notice and may reject it.

Since the device is not programmable, you will always be in control, and totally safe from any malicious access attempt.

Secure all your operations

The main strength of HASHWallet is to be a non programmable device. Although this results in a less flexible device since it can’t be upgraded, it makes it invulnerable to any external attack.

Hackers need to find any possible security breach to sneak into a system, but these weaknesses just don’t exist at this hardware wallet. Say goodbye to the “Man In The Middle” attack.

Frequently asked questions

What are the advantages of HASHWallet when compared to other hardwallets?

HASHWallet provides a stronger security level than other hardware wallets due to several key features:

  • It’s a non-programmable device. This feature creates a really secure environment for signing transactions and the safeguard of the keys.
  • The private key is not known even by the user, and there is no way to extract it from the card. You can’t steal what you don’t know. This makes HASHWallet invulnerable to external attacks.
  • Public/Private keys are generated inside the card through a random process, which cannot be replicated. No external seeds are used to generate keys.
  • Its large screen of electronic ink allows to visualize all the details of the transactions and validate them, avoiding any possibility of fraud or identity theft, and it complies with the philosophy “What You See Is What You Sign”.